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Tower Hill RC Queensland UNPDF
Leichardt Country
Racing Association
Tower Hill Picnic Amateur Race Club
Contact Details:
Tammy Mitchell Postal Address:44 Tennessee Way
Kelso 4815 Telephone:0409 750 980 Email address:
The club Race Meeting is a community event and has been operating for well over 80 years
Friday 29th April 2011 Saturday 30th April 2011
This bush race meeting held at Hillview Station near Muttaburra is a grass fed only race meeting and
owners race for trophies such as home wares, tools, and race equipment rather than prize
money.?Enjoy children`s entertainment, Calcuttas, nearest the Pin Golf Comp (Saturday) with AUD
$1,000.00 prize money, Fashions of the Field (Saturday), Boat Race (Saturday) and only ever seen at
these races, sweeps and nightly entertainment. There will be a licensed bar and the weekend is fully
catered. Free powered camping facilities are available as well as hot showers and toilet facilities. A fun
weekend for all the family. Contact Sue Campbell: 4658 5606?
Infor mation authorised and supplied by
Tower Hill Picnic Amateur Race Club

tower hill flyer UNPDF

Friday 29th April & Saturday 30th April 2011
Hillview Station, Muttaburra
Free entry into races
Free powered campsites
Flag starts
Licensed bar all weekend
Music Fri/Sat nights
Auction (Sat)- Gun kindly
donated by Halls Firearms
Nearest the Pin Golf (Sat) -
Huge prizemoney
Boat Races (Sat)
Daily Calcuttas and raffles
Fashions of the Field (Sat)
Fun relaxed family weekend
Recovery Sunday
Fully catered all weekend
Hot showers
Coffison & Sons
Bulk Fuel
Edgerton Plumbing
For more details please feel free to call:
Kym Westcott (President) 47417196
Tammy Mitchell (Secretary)
Sue Campbell 46585606
Muttaburra Livestock Transport

Queensland Time (Aust)

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