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    Welcome to Select Racing Punters Club Australia

Australian National - On line Racing Information Service

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1.1Persons must be over the age of 18 years to become a be a member of Select Racing Punters Club

1.2Please read all information before filling out application forms and paying for Membership as to rules and regulations.

1.3It is under the sole discretion of the Management group that Membership may be accepted or rejected.

1.4Membership to be paid Monthly by using Pay Pal or Direct debit and then

upon acceptance of your application to join the punters club with your payment you will be contacted same day as to all your membership details .

1.5 Membership and access to exclusive Members site with all the added benefits and features will be provided on acceptance of your applications and payment.

1.6Upon receipt of the Membership Fee into the Club's Account, the applicant will be admitted as a Member of the Club for that Month or current year whatever is applicable . Select Racing at their discretion or if required by law, may ask or re- quire proof of age and/ or identity from any member.

1.7All applicants will be admitted upon receipt of the funds paid into the Select

Racing’s Punters club account and then you will be admitted as either A: Fully paid up Member for a full year or B: Monthly Paid Member. Both Memberships will have access to all the same services and prize pools, special offers and promotions.

1.8Please note: Monthly Paid Member if not paid on due date will automatically

cancel Membership and will not be eligible for any prizes, promotions pools in- cluding points cumulated in either Monthly or Yearly Selections in Punter of the Year Major promotion. ( can re-join any time)

2. Selections.

Selections for Saturday’s Sydney and Melbourne Race Meetings and nominated spe- cial race days like Melbourne Cup, will be sent by email on or before 11 am each Saturday day or nominated special race days and during day late mail and specials will be provided after Midday. All Paid up Members will have access to this infor- mation via email and later you will be provided your unique Members access code

3.Prize Pools. This is only for paid up Members only and all winners will be notified by email. This is part of your Membership at no cost .

4.Major Promotion – Punter of the year

4.1This will be run over 40 weeks and only fully paid up members can participate

4.2Select horses from the last 4 races from Sydney and Melbourne race meetings each Saturday.

4.3 Points are as follows First 4 Points 2nd 3 Points 3rd 2 Points 4th 1 Point. Points will be progressive each week and the Member who have the most points at end of year will win the Major prize , in the event of equal points a count back will take place and the leader at a given point going backwards from week 40 on the 8 races , if still deadlocked then go to week 39 until a winner is decided.

5.On commencement of Punters Club—Punter of Year completion and weekly tipping competition selections must be sent in by 12 noon each Saturday via email on the form provided and only one selection per race permitted. All Late Entries will not be accepted

6.Results from each week for the Members tips will be placed on the web site under Tipping Results and Members will have access to this which will have displayed each individual results along with progressive scores.

7.In the event of any disputes to any of the promotions or issues you have must be in writing and sent by email (see link) stating your queries or issues and this will be dealt promptly by the Select Racing Management Group.

8.Withdraw from Membership can be by non- payment of subscriptions or in writing and note no refunds will be paid for Members who with draw and all members who withdraw will not be entitled to any promotions or prize pools and you emails with selections will be suspended and access code will be terminated .


Joining Select Racing Punters club by providing payment and by agreeing to the Membership Rules and by accepting all the rules and conditions as a Member and acknowledge such rules and conditions as set out .



Welcome to select on line thoroughbred racing information internet site. 

This is a one stop location for all information within the thoroughbred racing within Australia.

The aim of this site is to assist you to locate information quickly without lengthy searches. Select National On Line Racing Information Services, is specific to your Horse Racing. It covers each State with links to Racing Authorities, Racing Clubs, Trainers, Suppliers.

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