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    Welcome to Select Racing Punters Club Australia

Australian National - On line Racing Information Service

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Select Racing

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Select Racing Punters Club is about providing information to punters from the average punter to the big punter who love to have a punt on the horses, our team have been involved in the horse racing industry for well over 30 years in various shapes and forms , for the punters out there we fully understand there is no sure way or fix that a Horse will win, studies show that information and tips to help you pick that winner can be daunting and the time it takes to sort out all the information , the punters club will help you do this as we will provide as much information we can to make your selections make easier.

We understand by backing short priced favorites does not equate to sensible betting, the punters club information it designed to give punters selections and up to date information to find that winner by the selection process we have adopted.

It is a known fact most punters do not have the time to put in the effort or study the various form guides to come up with a winner, so we have done all this for you and our selections are based on previous form, current form, ratings, track conditions, jockey and trainer, has horse won on track, or distance, for example the horse could be set up for that particular race so we again encourage sensible betting, work to a plan and budget and use the information provided sensibly.

Our Team and among our various people and contacts in the horse racing industry we collect and collate all the information for all race meetings, we sort out the good horses from the ones we call bad ones that are going around, our studies include race history , along with recent runs, to how horses went at track work, recent form to current form , do they run better in the wet or dry track, we also analyze if horses are being trained off or they may be set up for certain races , we then pass this on to all members.

SELECT RACING PUNTERS CLUB is all about providing you the punter with up to date in- formation and members able to have a bet on the horses using our selections and able to participate in all the members activities that we will provide, most of all having fun with your betting .

Our plans are well placed to extend this to midweek racing , Friday night racing , Sunday meet- ings plus extension of services to include International Racing..

Welcome to select on line thoroughbred racing information internet site. 

This is a one stop location for all information within the thoroughbred racing within Australia.

The aim of this site is to assist you to locate information quickly without lengthy searches. Select National On Line Racing Information Services, is specific to your Horse Racing. It covers each State with links to Racing Authorities, Racing Clubs, Trainers, Suppliers.

If there is one site on the Internet dedicated to racing Australia wide , then you will find this is it and you will not have to search any further.




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