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Singapore Race Club Front page



Race Course and Main Office

Singapore Turf Club    
1 Turf Club Avenue    
Singapore Racecourse    
Singapore 738078    
Telephone: (65) 6879 1000 Top Jockey Saimee Jumaa
Fax: (65) 6879 1010

The Kranji racecourse is the only track in Singapore. The course opened in August 1999 and has received a Recognition Award from the Philadelphia

Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for its ‘fun’ and ‘whimsical’ de- sign. Kranji racecourse is a world class track that boasts a state-of-the-art pa- tron entry system, and a glass-sided horse walk, which goes through the grandstand and connects the parade ring to the racetracks. The four-storey Grandstand with its one-of-a-kind roof structure, inspired by the enchanting im- age of a horse in motion, can host 30,000 racing fans with multiple levels of fine dining and entertainment. It is home to the Singapore Turf Club.

Sunday 13th February 2011 gave trainer John O’Hara

a welcomed tonic on Sunday when handy middle-distance performer Arjuna beat a handy field to take out the $95,000 Kranji Stakes B race over 1800m. Brilliant Ride by Jockey Saimee Jumaa

Singapore races are held on selected days each week. Races on Wednesdays and Fridays are held as night racing, starting from 6.30 pm. Races on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are held during the day and starts 1.45 pm.

If you're planning to go, check the Singapore race dates. Try to choose a date with major feature races if you can, as races where winners can earn huge prize money and prestigious cups add to the excitement.

Go web site to find all the racing details


Singapore Time

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