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Today is a unique as it is a New Moon to-day (Saturday 5th March) in Pisces . This will mean at some time during the day; influences for the moon will be present. The Moon numbers are 2 and 7. Also read up on names for the Moon below. Or here. A New Moon is the Sun conjunct the Moon. The ruling platet for Piscies is Neptune and the Neptune and Pisces colour Green, also look for anything to do with the sea , ships, water etc these names could be prominent along with the colour green and number 9. You can see more name for Pisces and Neptune below.

As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac the later 3 races are the most likely to produce astrology winners. See full articles regarding Astrological racing and clues on this site.

Names for Neptune; ... Charaties, Geniuse, Artists, Dreamers, Gambling, Dancing, Poetry, Rhythm, Liquids, Drugs, The Sea, Snow, Mystics, Magic, Feet, Inspiration etc.

On new moon or full moon days it is best to watch the results of races completed just before the race you want to bet on. This will allow you to tune into the numbers and name trends which occur during the day. Quite often when races are close together the same number will win or be prominent at the finish of the race.

THE MOON Names ... The feminine influences, Sailors, Navigators, Rosemary, Lily, Olives, Womans's titles, Modesty, Soft, Smooth, Rivers, Silver, Home, Water, pearls, etc

Keeping this in mind I have made some selections below for Astrology punters club members. Please only bet if you feel good about any of these selections. I have made these selections very early so cannot include the daily trends. But we may still do well.

Here are my selections for Flemingtonin Melbourne. TAB (Vic)

Race 5 Number 7 "I'm Discreet" Bet Each Way

Race 6 Number 13 "Engin Munber Nine" Bet Each Way

Race 7 Number  2  "Winter King" Bet Each Way

Here are my selections for Warwick Rarm in Sydney. TAB (Vic)

Race 4 Number  9  "My Vegas" Bet Each Way

Race 5 Number  9  "Potions" Bet PLACE

Race 6 Number 10   "Lorne Dancer" Bet Each Way

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