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    Select Racing Australia Astrology To Win

Australian National - On line Racing Information Service

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Astology Punters Club.

Horse Racing And Astrology

Our aim is to make selections for members on Saturday race meetings for Melbourne and Sydney city race meetings. We do this in a way that if members wish to, they can learn our methods and ways we use to make astrology selections.

Members will receive thee or more selections for Melbourne and 3 or more Sydney race selections to watch or bet on. we will explain how we make these selections so members should eventually be informed enough about these astrology methods we use, that they should one day be able to use astrology to make selections for themself.

This method of picking potential winners can be time consuming so many members will join just to follow selections provided.

We strongly suggest you use your own descretion when betting on our selections. Only put money on horses if your feel the horse has a good change to win or place.

You must read the Club rules and be a member to receive rase day selections. The selections are not published on our web site in advance, they are emailed to paid members on race day approximately one hour before the first race. See heading Punters Club to see a sample of the information which is emailed out to members.

See heading Join Form to complete you details and join. Once you complete the first form with you details, please double checked them, them submit them. You will be taken to a payment page to start your $5.00 Weekly Paypal subscription.

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Welcome to select on line thoroughbred racing information internet site. 

This is a one stop location for all information within the thoroughbred racing within Australia.

The aim of this site is to assist you to locate information quickly without lengthy searches. Select National On Line Racing Information Services, is specific to your Horse Racing. It covers each State with links to Racing Authorities, Racing Clubs, Trainers, Suppliers.

If there is one site on the Internet dedicated to racing Australia wide , then you will find this is it and you will not have to search any further.



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