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About Astrology Punters Club Membership

Select Racing Astrology Punters Club is a low cost way for anyone who's hobby is following race horses. We do not claim to be a way to get rich but we just happen to like horse racing and having a punt.

For this reason we are making no claims as to the information provided in our Astrology Punters Club. We have the intention and our aim is to provide information so members can learn our astrological methods of selecting potential winners so they can come to their own conclusions.

If punting is your hobby then you may find this an interesting exercise to follow the Saturday Astrology selections we will provide by email each Saturday for our members.

If you join our astrology punters club we will provide you Saturday race selections but it is up to your own judgment as to if you want to place bets on these selections. Please see sample selections so you understand what we provide.

Astrology and life teaches us that if we feel good about doing something then our chances of success are increased. If we feel that any selection does not fit with our own judgment then it is better not to bet and just to watch the race results. Most time your own feelings will prevail.

If you are at ease with spending $5.00 aud a week for these selections then please join our Astrology Punters Club. If not just read and lean more about astrology and horse racing on these pages.

Please read the rules before joining. Read all pages on this astrology area so you have a good understanding about how we make thses selections. Our aim is to empower you so you will understand how astrology can work when making decisions. Quite often it is not what you do but when you do it that counts.

Note; at present there is no Membership log in. This will come later. For now Astrology Punters Club members will receive selections by email on race days.

Also see free race selections main Select racing pages for information on the Select racing punters club which works in a different way. Free race selections are provided on site.

Select Racing also provides a LOW COST pay for information service for those who have questions about astrology and horse racing. See below.

Just call us on ETHER.

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Welcome to select on line thoroughbred racing information internet site. 

This is a one stop location for all information within the thoroughbred racing within Australia.

The aim of this site is to assist you to locate information quickly without lengthy searches. Select National On Line Racing Information Services, is specific to your Horse Racing. It covers each State with links to Racing Authorities, Racing Clubs, Trainers, Suppliers.

If there is one site on the Internet dedicated to racing Australia wide , then you will find this is it and you will not have to search any further.



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