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Selecting Horse Race Winners By Astrology

Not all race horses have readily understandable names. We must do some reasearch in particular to horses names. Many strange race horse names may have another meaning i.e. names in another language or names related to mythology.

I have placed some handy links here to help you with your research.

You may have come accrosss a horse named Leilani. In Hawian this name means "Heavenly Flower". So if this race day is under the influence of Jupiter and Mercury then Leilani whould have a much improved chance to win, and this could be increased if Lalani was number 3 and barrier 5. As the clues would also be confirmed by numbers, If Leilani was also a grey horse or had grey, blue or purple colours it would most likely be a sure winner or place getter if it were rated in the top 6 horses by bookmakers. It also pays to see how other methods rate the horses chances and to make sure the horse is fit and ready to race.

I am listerning to horse races as I write this article and a horse just won race 7 at Ballarat Races (Feb 10 2011). It was over 50 to 1 the horse was called Celtic Empire. At present the Sun is in Aquarius ruled by Uranus, the planet number for Uranus and Aquarius is number 7. Uranus also rules Scots.

Astrology Horse Race Links Below These Tables

The Sun 1 - 4 Orange Gold
The Moon 2 - 7 Pale Green Silver
Mercury 5 Blue Grey
Venus 6 Pink Turquoise
Mars 4 Red
Jupiter 3 Purple
Saturn 8 Black
Uranus 7 Checks Tartan
Neptune 9 Green
Pluto 4-7 Indigo Black


Aries 4 Red
Taurus 6 Pink
Gemini 5 Yellow
Cancer 2-7 White
Leo 1-4 Orange
Virgo 5 Blue
Libra 6 Magenta
Scorpio 8-5 Cerise
Sagittarius 3 Purple
Capricorn 8 Brown
Aquarius 7 Spots
Pisces 9 Grey

Below Are Some Links To Help You Learn.

Affairs Of The Planets

Celestrial And Heavenly Planet Names

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Astrology And Horse Racing - Janet Proven USA

DON MURRAY Champion Astrologer & Tipster

Eastern Standard Time (Aust)

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