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Learn Astrology

Sun Signs: This sign is the sign the Sun occupies at the time of your birth. There are 12 Star Signs (Sun Signs) and these represent the twelve ways of thinking. Most people will already know their Sun Sign.

Moon Sign Dependent on which sign the Moon was in at your birth, this gives you your emotional way of responding to life.

Rising Sign This sign is the start constilation sign at the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This sign sets your life's path and provides you with choices as to what will occur during your life. This sign depicts how other people see you, or are attracted to you.

Your star sign combinations give you your personality and other quality's to help you through life. Astrology charts are often presented as a wheel with twelve sun signs and a second over drawn wheel which are called houses. The normal astrology wheel starts with the sign aries.The house wheel is almost the same as sun signs but overlaps the signs. The houses represent areas of your life. The first house starts at the eastern horizon and dependent on your time and place of birth, can start with any sign. An astrology wheel obtained online of from an astrologer will start from the first house. The fire house covers the self, the second house rules your money and possessions, the third rules thinking and communications,the forth rules home parents, the fifth rules love, children, speculation, the sixth rules work and health. From the seventh house on, the influence is away from self to the outer world. The seventh house rules the public, partners and friends, the eighth has influence over primal instincts,partnerships, deep feelings, sex and death, the ninth relate to the higher mind a philosophy, the tenth house relate to you higher self esteem, honor and profession, the eleventh house is friends, hopes higher goals and love received, and the last house, the twelfth related to limitations and your own hidden or restricted desires.

As you can see there is a great deal to lean to become an expert in astrology but if you wish to do so, it can be a great way to understand where you are in life and what to consider in moving forward. If you want to know more firstly read articles or books on sun signs. This will help guide you to understand the twelve ways of thinking. If you know this well, then you can often determine people sun signs just by identifying the way they think about issues.

Once you learn more about astrology and also find out about the aspects that planets make as they travel the universe, only then will you get a better understanding of the timing of major events in your live. See other information and links on this site to learn more.

If you like horse racing and having a bet, then please visit and join the Select Racing Astrology Punters Club.


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Welcome to select on line thoroughbred racing information internet site. 

This is a one stop location for all information within the thoroughbred racing within Australia.

The aim of this site is to assist you to locate information quickly without lengthy searches. Select National On Line Racing Information Services, is specific to your Horse Racing. It covers each State with links to Racing Authorities, Racing Clubs, Trainers, Suppliers.

If there is one site on the Internet dedicated to racing Australia wide , then you will find this is it and you will not have to search any further.



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