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Horse Racing And Astrology

Most punters will try anything to get a winner so is astrology a good way to pick a winner? Well it is another option and there has been a mix of astrology and horse racing for many year for some punters. I have used astrology to help select winners for over 30 years. Astrology and horse racing have something in common, they are both complex subjects and both cover a wide range of considerations. Below is an introduction to astrology and horse racing simplified.

The real issue in doing anything is not so much what you do but when you do it. Astrology can give you clues to the timing and likely outcome of events.

The main considerations when picking horses with astrology are, names, numbers and colours. Each month the sun enters a new star sign around 21 st of the month, the moon enter a new sign approximately every two and a half days. Like the form of horses astrology clue's often change so we are considering different clues for different race meetings or race days and sometimes even one race. You can use an ephererius or online astrology site to find the positions of the sun and moon at race time. Learn what colours numbers and names are lucky on any race day. Then match these to the names of horse, jockeys or trainers, you also consider names and numbers and colours associated with horse and jockeys. Once you are familiar with names colours and numbers associated with this system, all you will need to know is the positions of the sun and moon on race day. Go the the Ephemeris page on this site.

You can also follow my lead and learn as I explain some of my astrological selections in the Astrology punters club if you wish to. See the page the headings About, Astrology Tips, Ephemerus, and learning astrology.

If you would like to get my best 6 astrology picks emailed to you each saturday, join the Astriology Punters Club. It will cost you $5.00 a week.

Also join our free Punters Club Get Saturday race day selections for Melbourne and Sydney.

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