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Astrology And Horse Racing Simplified.

Here we try and simplify the methods used to select race horse winners using astrology.

Every day the sun and moon are located in stars signs, see elphemeris heading. We all know our Sun sign, Aries Taurus Capricorn etc, and many people will know the sign the moon was in on their birthday. If you don't know this you can use an ephemeris to look it up.

But for our astrology of picking horse racing winners this does not matter, although you could consult an astrologer to see if you have a personal lucky birth chart. For this exercise we go on where where the sun and moon are located on race day or race time.

Each planet and star signs traditionally have numbers colours and names associated with them. For us finding a horse in a race which aligns to the combination of these names, numbers and colours on any race day can help us pick a horse who will have a vastly improved performance on race day.

Firstly we look for name of horses jockeys or prominent trainers or owners that may guide us to a horse. Then we look for combinations of lucky numbers, being horse number or barrier number combinations or even the numbers related to the horses recent form. Then we look for the most prominent colour the horse is carrying. It may be the horse colour, grey black etc, the jockey colours or a combination.

With practice we will start to see horses that stand out or horses that we get an instinctive feeling for. As this is like learning any job or set of procedures I highly recommend you do not start investing money until you are confident that your selections are consistently winning or getting places.

If you would like an interest while you learn this system join our astrology punters club and follow the selections, but here also do not bet unless you like the selections yourself.

We treat this strictly as a hobby and we want it to be fun so never invest more that you can afford to loose. Some people drink or smoke other have or have hobbies that cost money they get pleasure out of these activities so this is our hobby so do set a budget. Read the information posted in results to see how I make selections by astrology for our astrology punters club.

View Sample Astrology Tips for Melbourne and Sydney

If you would like to get my best 6 astrology picks emailed to you each Saturday, join the Astrology Punters Club. It will cost you $5.00 a week.

Also consider to join our Select Racing Punters Club Get Saturday race day selections for Melbourne and Sydney. Also see online selections available at no cost.


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