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Australian National - On line Racing Information Service

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Select Racing has put together this very informative thoroughbred racing information site we have created this over a lengthy time collecting information, undertaking research and development to then come up with a racing site that the industry can be proud of. We found the information in a large number of instances was difficult to find and when found the information was either out of date, linked pages did not work, club information was not correct and valuable information to clubs such as special race days in particular cup days were not covered.

Our concept by our dedicated team is to cover as much information as possible about the industry and have this readily available on the site, we request clubs and racing authorities to provide such information to us and send in new information, photo's, stories and promotional race day information they have coming up, we want the industry to embrace this site and use this to locate information that is readily available and up to date.

Some facts about the Industry:

The Racing Industry in Australia is a Multi Billion Dollar Business and also a very popular pastime with punters the infrastructure of race tracks, goods and services, employment, administration, jockeys, trainers to mention a few this is apart from the Gambling aspect which is reported to be over $13 Billion wagered Annually with Book Makers and the Tab right across Australia.

Horse racing in Australia is the third most attended spectator sport within Australia, No 1 is Australian Rules football and No 2 is Rugby League

Australia on an International scale has more race courses that any other country and runs second to the USA in the number of horses starting in Races each year, far as prize money goes Australia is after USA and Japan in prize money distributed annually.

Select Racing will play an important role in providing information that is easy to find, and up to date on one easy location that supports the racing industry and we ask clubs to support us so we can support you

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